No longer having to go incognito like he did for his past films "Borat" and "Bruno," Sacha Baron Cohen is welcoming the photogs on the set of his upcoming comedy "The Dictator."

Snapped by The Daily these new photos add a further twist to a film that is keeping specific plot details close to the chest. Co-starring Ben Kingsley, Jason Mantzoukas and Anna Faris, the film is described as a cross between “Coming to America” and “Trading Places,” with Cohen playing both a goat herder and a deposed foreign dictator who gets lost in the United States. Kingsley will play a Middle Eastern character, with Mantzoukas slotted as a sidekick and Faris as the love interest and owner of an organic food store. No pics of them -- yet.

Larry Charles is directing the movie that will deliver the belly laughs on May 11, 2012. Bigger images below.