For The Dogs Phillip Noyce Sam Worthington

It's a peculiar day when a revenge flick comes down the pipeline and a grizzled older thespian unleashes in his genre, but in the case of Phillip Noyce's latest directorial effort, fresh-faced and Cameron-approved is the order of the day.

Variety reportsSomersault” actor (let's focus on the positives) Sam Worthington has signed on to star in the indie action-thriller “For The Dogs,” which Noyce will direct from a script, notably, from “The Messenger” writer/director Oren Moverman. Based on Paul Leyden's adaptation of the Kevin Wignall novel, the film will follow a reclusive hitman who encounters a bright college girl, and then agrees to help her track down and kill those responsible for her family's murder.

Worthington is the only lead cast thus far, and while the film presents yet another opportunity to let the actor win us over dramatically, the inclusion of Moverman and Noyce holds most of the appeal. 2002's “The Quiet American” shows Noyce has immense talent in the neo-noir arena, while Moverman has a distinct and evocative voice that should lend Worthington a requisite genre-soaked performance to convey. Let's hope he follows through as “For The Dogs” finds the rest of its cast and heads into production.