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Sean Young Says She Should've Had The Role Of Vickers In 'Prometheus'

The Playlist By Ben Brock | The Playlist August 13, 2013 at 9:25AM

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Sean Young hasn't had the easiest career in the world. One great role—as Rachel in Ridley Scott's “Blade Runner”—will stay with us forever, but her wider career never really took off the way you might have expected it to after starring in such a legendary film. Young's part in “Wall Street” was cut from substantial to pretty minor, and a horse-riding injury got her fired from Tim Burton's “Batman” and replaced with Kim Basinger; she was then cast in Warren Beatty's “Dick Tracy” before being fired from that too. The year after that—we're in 1991 now, almost ten years after “Blade Runner,” without having had another major role—she won two acting Razzies for the same movie, playing twins in “A Kiss Before Dying.” Since then, she hasn't had a lot of high profile work.

So it's maybe not surprising that Young sounded a little resentful recently when she claimed that Scott should have cast her over Charlize Theron in his most recent sci-fi movie, “Prometheus.” Young sounded off at the premiere for her new film “Jug Face,” saying of Theron's performance as Meredith Vickers that "It's like she was bored out of her mind—you can see it—and it's like, 'Oh my god!' That would have been really good for me, right?,” and going on to suggest that, "It would have been a nod to people who like 'Blade Runner,' it would have been like, 'See, I'm using Sean again,' right? Nah."

Like we say, Young hasn't had the happiest of careers, and it's not surprising that she wants to work again with the director who gave her her best role (she recently also called for a boycott of the gestating “Blade Runner” sequel if she wasn't cast in it). But frankly, “Prometheus” was a disapointment, and Meredith Vickers a dull, dull part so perhaps Young should count herself lucky she missed out on that. [Digital Spy]

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