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Sean Bean To Bring Awesomeness To Untitled 'Snow White' Project

by Gabe Toro
July 16, 2011 2:05 AM
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"Snow White and the Huntsmen" seems to have all the buzz, adding multiple actors as the dwarves in separate announcements over the past few days. By increasing the film's pre-production profile, the picture vaulted over the surprisingly buzzless untitled "Snow White" film currently shooting under director Tarsem Singh, and slated for a release almost three months earlier. While the film boasts Julia Roberts as the wicked queen menacing Lily Collins as our heroine, Armie Hammer as the dashing Prince Alcott and Nathan Lane as the oh god stop right there you're sold on Lane. Fortunately, it does appear that the Singh project will have that extra shot of awesomeness that 'Huntsman' cannot boast.

The Hollywood Reporter announced that Sean Bean, who sneezes off knife fights in his spare time, is set to star as Snow White's father, the King who tragically experiences the destruction of his kingdom at the hands of Roberts' nefarious queen. While this does seem like yet another fateful role for one of the most constantly murdered actors in film history, this is considered to be a more family-friendly approach. So, Bean may only behead a couple of fools.

"Snow White" sees release on March 16th, while "Snow White and the Huntsman" is slated for June 1st. There's also "Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters" on March 2nd, along with a gaggle of superhero movies over the very same few months, a "Twilight" and a "G.I. Joe" and literally no reasons for actual adults to go to the cinemas anymore.

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  • Cate | July 16, 2011 10:28 AMReply

    That's fantastic casting! I love Sean Bean and he always delivers a fantastic performance! I read in the summary of this film that the King is killed by the Queen too so I guess Bean will have one more to add to his reel there.

  • Alex | July 16, 2011 7:16 AMReply

    Sean Bean!!!!!!! I love this guy. Consider my ticket bought. The death reel is prize. LOL.

  • meta | July 16, 2011 4:30 AMReply

    "Sean Bean... is set to star as Snow White’s father, the King who tragically experiences the destruction of his kingdom at the hands of Robert's nefarious queen."
    Now, where have I heard that before? hmm....

    Anything with Sean Bean is a must- see though. Consider me highly interested!

  • paul | July 16, 2011 4:26 AMReply

    "Nathan Lane as the oh god stop right there you’re sold on Lane" so true. good for sean bean. still think the man was robbed of an emmy nom.

  • kelly h | July 16, 2011 1:29 AMReply

    i was going to say "$10 says he dies in it", but posting that video beat me to it.

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