George Clooney
George Clooney
Seriously, who doesn't love George Clooney? He's in the upper reaches of Hollywood royalty, he is the living definition of the classic, classy leading man in an era where there are so few of them, and he's endlessly funny and charming. It's not a surprise that social media networks lit up when he effortlessly changed the tone of the Oscar broadcast with this respectful introduction of the In Memoriam segment, but he's also a total ham, and possible future Jack Nicholson. He's the kind of personality who will always get a ticket on Oscar night, and a figure who can capture the attention of almost any demographic from your Mom to your kid brother. He matches only Walt Disney in being nominated in the most categories, so why not give him a chance to host the show too? 

Louis CK
This is probably a bit more out of the box, but it's not all that inconceivable when you think about it. While he might not be as popular as Chris Rock was in 2005 when he hosted, there are few standups right now with the kind of name recognition as Louis CK. And there are fewer who are as funny. Tackling almost every creative department of his critically acclaimed "Louie" has shown he can probably bring an interesting twist to the sketch sections of Oscar night, and his wry, biting humor -- if properly honed for the audience -- could be great for the show. With roles in new films from Woody Allen and David O. Russell, he's clearly making some major movie inroads, and a hosting gig could cement his arrival in Hollywood.

Jimmy Kimmel
While we might prefer Jimmy Fallon, basically it will never happen as long as ABC broadcasts the Oscars, as they don't want hosts from rival late night talk shows taking the stage. That's basically what happened this year, when Lorne Michaels was flirting with producing, and had tentatively tapped Fallon for the job. But luckily, ABC has a good option all their own, with Jimmy Kimmel. He's already best buds with bascially every celebrity you can think of, his Oscar night parody trailer is now becoming a tradition, and he's genuinely funny. Moreover, we think he can toe the line of begin edgy without singing a song about seeing boobs. He hosted the Emmy Awards last year, could we see him take a step up to the Dolby Theater?