Skyfall Daniel Craig

How much do you want to see "Men in Black III"? Well, if you're anything like this writer then the answer would be "not a lot." How much do you want to see "Skyfall" though? If you're anything like this writer then the answer to that question would be "a hell of a lot." Well it looks like the black suits behind the scenes of 'MIBIII' are hoping you'll be more likely to turn up to see their movie if they stick the first trailer for 007's latest outing onto the big screen alongside Will Smith's latest cash cow.

Baz Bamigboye at the Daily Mail reports that Sam Mendes has handed over the trailer to Sony and they plan to put it on prints of the upcoming Will Smith sequel. Of course, it will probably land online around the same time too, but if you want to see it all its cinematic glory, you'll have to put your Raybans on and plunk down money for a "Men In Black III" ticket.

In related "Skyfall" news, Ad Age reports that Daniel Craig's James Bond will star in a commercial for the Dutch beer Heineken in the run up to the film's release later this year. Director Sam Mendes will also serve as a creative consultant for the commercial. This should come as no surprise to anyone who has observed the sheer volume of commercial partnerships the Bond franchise is able to attract with every movie. We'd love to hear how much of the budget is covered through said partnerships before the movie even makes in into theatres, but we presume it's probably along the same lines of the $50 million worth of tie-ins that Universal has put together for "Battleship." In the run up to "Quantum of Solace" Craig starred in a pretty cool commercial for Sony HD TVs, so hopefully this Heineken ad will strive for similar creativity. If this were another film then we'd be far more cynical about the rampant product marketing, but with Bond it goes with the territory.

"Skyfall" opens on November 9th.