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Sony Head Amy Pascal Promises 'Spider-Man' Movies "Every Year," Marc Webb To Helm 'Amazing Spider-Man 3'

by Kevin Jagernauth
February 25, 2014 1:59 PM
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The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Outside of "The Amazing Spider-Man," Sony doesn't have much in the way of live action franchises, and that could be a problem. “It’s creative entropy, and I think there’s been too much of a reliance on ‘Spider-Man.’ They need some other things to build out,” media analyst Harold Vogel has opined. But Sony co-chairman Amy Pascal believes in Spidey, so much so that she's planning to spin a bigger web around the superhero. 

“We are expanding the ‘Spider-Man’ universe into ‘The Sinister Six’ and ‘Venom,’ so that we have ‘Spider-Man’ movies every year,” Pascal said. Damn. Perhaps it's not a surprise with four "The Amazing Spider-Man" films already planned through 2018, and Alex Kurtzman and Drew Goddard already at work on "Venom" and 'Sinister Six' movies. As we've already talked about, this constant need for studios to 'Avengers'-ize their properties is becoming pretty dismal, but that's what stockholders want to see, and as long as audiences keep showing up, this will continue.

And for right now, Sony is banking the future success of "The Amazing Spider-Man" on Marc Webb with Variety confirming he will be back to helm the third installment, which is due to hit theaters on June 6, 2016.

So, Harold Vogel, what else can you look forward to from Sony? Well, the studio is entirely counting on Spidey to keep them afloat with "Goosebumps" cooking, and an entirely animated "The Smurfs 3" on the fast track. The studio also has the feature rights to video game "Gran Turismo." But right now, the color of their money is Spider-Man red with much, much more to come.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2
The Amazing Spider-Man 2
The Amazing Spider-Man 2

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  • JT | February 26, 2014 7:50 PMReply

    Oh boy... a Spider-Man movie every year. Shoot me now. How about taking the catering budget for one of those films and letting an interesting up-and-coming director make a film so adults can have something to watch?

  • Boraicho | February 26, 2014 2:22 PMReply

    Did Bobby Kotick became the president of Columbia Pictures?

  • Jack | February 25, 2014 11:40 PMReply

    Keep the rights away from Disney.

    Fanboys need to learn they can't end a franchise just because they have a bias for another studio.

  • Neil | February 25, 2014 3:03 PMReply

    Give the damn rights back to Marvel so Spidey can be in Avengers. And that's a bold and frankly untruthful promise.

  • KT | February 25, 2014 3:06 PM


    I'm not even a Star Wars fan but I can't wait for those movies to get pumped out so Disney can just hand out a blank check to these studios.

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