Josh Brolin, Thanos In 'Guardians Of The Galaxy

While the "Ant-Man" saga has yet to be resolved, last week Marvel gave fans a bit of good news with the announcement of Josh Brolin nabbing the role of Thanos in "Guardians Of The Galaxy" and likely, down the line, "The Avengers 3." But does that mean that for now, Thanos is going to continue to be a bit player in the Marvel universe? New details have emerged providing a bit more detail, and if the headline wasn't obvious enough, there will be spoilers.

Vulture reports that instead of popping up in yet another post-credits tag, for "Guardians Of The Galaxy," fans will first see the baddie via a hologram, with the character ultimately the man pulling the strings of the film's central villains, Ronan the Accuser (Lee Pace) and Nebula (Karen Gillan), with whom he'll share a scene in the purple flesh. But basically, Thanos will be a behind-the-scenes figure in the plot, frequently referenced, with blood ties to Gamora (Zoe Saldana) too.

Essentially, it looks like Marvel is doing a slow build to making him a major character, probably because he's still getting the Infinity Stones together for his Gauntlet. But nabbing someone of Brolin's calibre for the part, means the role is an important one in the Marvel-verse, and when director James Gunn suggested "Guardians Of The Galaxy" would tie into "The Avengers 3," maybe this is what he meant?