Avatar Stephen Lang

Oh you thought Colonel Quaritch getting shot twice through the chest in "Avatar" meant he was dead? Guess again. James Cameron is gearing up his blue world sequels, and Stephen Lang is going to be part of all three of them. Yes, three. Which means four "Avatar" movies total. Bow down to the power of unobtanium.

That news is probably more significant than Lang coming back, because at one point it wasn't clear whether or not a fourth movie would be part of the next cycle of "Avatar" movies, with Cameron later saying "Avatar 4" would be a prequel. Hell, that could still be the case, but it seems to be clear that "Avatar 4"—whatever it turns out to be—is very much a real and actually happening thing. Of course, how Lang lives remains to be seen, but perhaps he too is merely in avatar within "Avatar," wit the series taking on "Inception"-esque levels of reality.

Production is apparently starting in October 2014 so plenty of time to try and puzzle that out. [The Wrap]