Dark Shadows Posters

Relatively late in the game for a major tentpole movie, with less than two months to go before Tim Burton's "Dark Shadows" hits theaters, Warner Bros. has finally turned on the publicity machine for the film in full force. A trailer finally dropped for the film last week and now nine character posters are here, courtesy of Empire, to keep the chatter going.

Looking a bit more '80s than '70s (when the movie is set), these one sheets at least promise that, for better or worse, this is going to be another distinctly Burton film. In recent years, that hasn't meant much, and maybe all these crazy wigs and garish colors will be another trip down "Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory" lane (a movie whose only redeeming value was Johnny Depp's wickedly bitchy/asshole-ish turn in the lead role). And truthfully, Burton hasn't done anything that isn't based on a pre-existing property since "Corpse Bride." That said, concepts don't come along everyday that bring the vampire genre, a period movie and a fish-out-water tale all rolled into one, and it's the sort of hand-in-glove premise that could suit Burton perfectly.

So we'll see how this all plays out, but we'll know soon enough. "Dark Shadows" arrives on May 11th.

Dark Shadows Eva Green Poster
Dark Shadows Johnny Depp Poster
Dark Shadows Bella Heathcote Poster
Dark Shadows Chloe Moretz Poster
Dark Shadows Gully McGrath Poster
Dark Shadows Helena Bonham Carter Poster
Dark Shadows Michelle Pfeiffer Poster
Dark Shadows Jonny Lee Miller Poster
Dark Shadows Jackie Earle Haley Poster