Break Point

What does it take to be a good partner? Openness, communication, an active interest in what's important to the person you're with. It's good advice for your love life, but as Jeremy Sisto finds out in "Break Point," those tips work well on the tennis court too. 

Director Jay Karas, who has logged time behind the camera on "Workaholics," "Parks & Recreation," "Raising Hope" and "After Lately," makes his feature debut here rounding up a pretty solid ensemble including David Walton, Joshua Rush, J.K. Simmons, Amy Smart, Adam DeVine, Chris Parnell, Vincent Ventresca, Cy Amundson and Jenny Wade. Co-written by and starring Sisto, the story follows a former tennis pro that has burned his bridges, who makes one last swing at the big time, and rounds up his estranged brother to once again join him on the court. And in this exclusive clip, we see both how far they've been apart, and how easily they could slip back into a winning team.

"Break Point" hits SXSW in the Narrative Spotlight section and has its first screening on Saturday, March 8th. Watch below.