Mel Gibson

Sylvester Stallone is rounding up his latest batch of actors for “The Expendables 3,” and that means a return to nostalgic casting, likely performed by spinning a circular rack of '80s VHS titles and headbutting a winner. Jackie Chan, Wesley Snipes, and Mickey Rourke were the latest names to join up, proving a victory after Chan hesitated before, and now another star discussed early on is getting some screen time as well.

A rumor hit the web near the beginning of the third installment's development that Stallone approached actor Mel Gibson to direct the picture; whatever veracity that claim holds, “Red Hill” helmer Patrick Hughes got the gig after all, but the story doesn't end there. Earlier this week, Stallone took to Twitter for a rather unambiguous announcement, stating, “Mad Max vs. Barney Ross,” referring to his “Expendables” character and one of Gibson's biggest roles.

The “Lethal Weapon” star already has a villain role coming up in Robert Rodriguez's “Machete Kills,” so along with his straight-to-DVD effort “Get The Gringo” and his scrapped role in “The Hangover: Part Two,” it looks like Gibson will be continuing to indulge his darker side against Stallone's crew (with Milla Jovovich also involved) before pushing forward with his long-gestating Viking drama, “Berserker” (fingers crossed that's still happening). [Film Drunk]