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Review: Mindless And Harmless '13 Sins' Starring Mark Webber & Ron Perlman Fails To Thrill

  • By Nikola Grozdanovic
  • |
  • April 18, 2014 10:23 AM
  • |
13 Sins
Real human beings take a certain kind of sadistic pleasure in watching fictional human beings suffer. As long as it's from a safe distance, and it's not affecting you or yours on any level, watching man turn into beast right before your very eyes could feel almost empowering. Just think about the most popular video games for a second, if all the violent movies aren't convincing enough. This type of barbarity gets upped a notch when you throw in the theme of voyeurism; not only are we watching how low some people will go, but now we're watching them being watched, controlled, and manipulated into doing some really nasty stuff. We've seen it on taut psychological display in David Fincher's “The Game,” James Wan's “Saw” begat an entire franchise on it, and more recently E.L. Katz's “Cheap Thrills” had all sorts of delirious fun with it during the festival circuit. With Daniel Stamm's “13 Sins” however, the idea is skinned to the bone and thrown to the dogs. Trouble is, not even the dogs might enjoy this one.

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