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Review: The Modest, Occasionally Involving 'A Coffee In Berlin'

  • By Mark Zhuravsky
  • |
  • June 13, 2014 5:29 PM
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  • 1 Comment
A Coffee in Berlin
An ode to Woody Allen in its jazz-scored, black-and-white, low-key nomadic melancholy, Jan Ole Gerster's debut feature "A Coffee in Berlin" (aka "Oh Boy") is a self-effacing film of minor pleasures and few missteps. With little at stake as a passive protagonist drifts from one set of eccentrics to the next. Gerster's script is full of half-formed commentary, teachable moments for Niko (Tom Schilling), our sullen, disconnected lead. The resulting picture consistently reaches for some higher meaning, even managing to inject an unearned bit of pathos into the final reel, offering up slight but pleasant returns.

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