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SXSW Review: Horror 'Among The Living' From 'Inside' Directors Julien Maury & Alexandre Bustillo

  • By Drew Taylor
  • |
  • March 12, 2014 12:03 PM
  • |
Among the Living
In 2007 French filmmakers Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo released "Inside," a French horror film about a pregnant woman who is violently targeted by an unknown intruder. The movie was brutal, unflinching, and totally brilliant. It was an exercise in terror that was both excessively stylized and almost uncomfortably realistic; a movie of visceral muchness. The violence of "Inside" meant that a wide release would come with the stigma of an NC-17 rating, so it didn't get the kind of exposure and acclaim that it rightfully deserved, instead amassing a cult audience on home video. Their follow-up, "Livid," was never released in American on any format, so the fact that their new film, "Among the Living," would make its world premiere at South by Southwest, was pretty big news indeed, not just for horror fans but fans of quality cinema in general. Sadly, the new film captures none of the fun or pizzazz of their first film. In fact, it's straight up bad.

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