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By NonRon: No, not that bad. Weird, certainly, but a few good lines.

Review: 'American Animal' Is Where Independent Cinema Goes To Die

Sep 21th, 2014 11:17pm

By Some Guy: Really? 2004's Punisher film behind the unreleased Fantastic Four movie... OK... I'm done with this list...

Best To Worst: Every Marvel Movie Ranked

Sep 21th, 2014 11:17pm

By Jamie: So did Tusk also go VOD this weekend? Will A24 claim that it did excellent business On Demand?

Box-Office: ‘Maze Runner’ Takes The Top Spot, Fox Schedules Sequel For September 2015

Sep 21th, 2014 11:02pm

By Wait a Minute...: Did she tell him not to do Panic Room? The Game may be a studio flick underneath it all, but Panic Room is by far his most hackneyed work. To…

David Fincher Says He Shouldn't Have Directed 'The Game,' Dislikes Superhero Movies & Talks "Crazy" '20,000 Leagues'

Sep 21th, 2014 10:49pm

By AWTCHER: The Guest probably did bad because it was on $19 screens .... expensive!

Box-Office: ‘Maze Runner’ Takes The Top Spot, Fox Schedules Sequel For September 2015

Sep 21th, 2014 10:38pm

By Jesus: Basically all of the assumptions about studio interference that you make in this review are completely wrong. Do some research.

Fantastic Fest Review: Horror Remake 'The Town That Dreaded Sundown'

Sep 21th, 2014 8:39pm

By LOLOL: No American Horror Story?

The 20 Best TV Shows Of The 2013/2014 Season

Sep 21th, 2014 7:26pm

By Ann: Have I missed it or was Black Sails completely ignored?

The 20 Best TV Shows Of The 2013/2014 Season

Sep 21th, 2014 4:37pm

By Miriam May: Ullmann sees and feels things others can't. Probably why most can't connect to "Miss Julie."

The Best, Worst And Most Disappointing Films Of The 2014 Toronto International Film Festival

Sep 21th, 2014 4:03pm

By mplo: West Side Story is a beautiful, golden oldie-but-keeper of a classic film that really should be left alone, because it is what it is, and…

Steven Spielberg Says 'West Side Story' Remake Is "On My Mind," Plus Details On 'The BFG'

Sep 21th, 2014 3:58pm

By scarter: Absolutely Brit Marling. A strong character played by a strong actress.

Rosario Dawson, Brit Marling, Jessica Biel, Kelly Reilly & More Rumored For 'True Detective' Season 2

Sep 21th, 2014 3:05pm

By Cal: Just would like to say if someone killed my dog i would love to act out this type of revenge lol

Fantastic Fest Review: Hitman Thriller 'John Wick' Starring Keanu Reeves, Willem Dafoe & Adrianne Palicki

Sep 21th, 2014 2:11pm

By efbrackket: William Powell did not win an Oscar for The Thin Man. He was only nominated for Best Actor.

16 Literary Detectives Who Sleuthed Onto The Big Screen

Sep 21th, 2014 11:34am

By R: This article states that the reason why tbe movie did so well is that it was screened late. How about we just like the movie and friends…

Box-Office: ‘No Good Deed’ Goes Unpunished At #1, ‘Guardians’ Is The First Film To Cross $300 Million At Home

Sep 21th, 2014 11:25am

By Jelly: This sounds great!

Listen: Trent Reznor Previews ‘Gone Girl’ Soundtrack On Nine Inch Nails Website

Sep 21th, 2014 11:05am

By Karin: Sorry guys, I loved it. I love ambiguity and this seemed full of it. However, I do not understand it. What happens at the end? Does McCarthy…

Tribeca Review: 'The Machine' Is A Fastball Down The Middle For Genre Die-Hards

Sep 21th, 2014 10:13am

By lou: I don't know what movie you were watching but it sounds like you went into this film wanting to hate it which is unfortunate because you…

Review: 'The Maze Runner' Starring Dylan O'Brien, Kaya Scodelario, Patricia Clarkson, Will Poulter And More

Sep 21th, 2014 8:06am

By Oh Please: Game of Thrones is in the guiness book of records for having the most pirated tv show downloads ever, and its at no. 11. Yea right.

The 20 Best TV Shows Of The 2013/2014 Season

Sep 21th, 2014 7:23am

By William: think its great to focus on characters but dont tell a story like this if u can't explain it loved episode 8 btw

“Don’t Watch The Show” For Big Reveal About Mystery Rapture In 'The Leftovers' Says Damon Lindelof

Sep 21th, 2014 5:15am

By Emperor Zerg Rush: Thank heaven for those tweet embeds from everyone's favorite pariah of comics, Rob Liefeld. Taking his word on whether a script is worthy or…

'Deadpool’ Spin-Off With Ryan Reynolds Is Finally Green Lit, Set For A Winter 2016 Release Date

Sep 21th, 2014 5:10am