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Fantasia Review: ‘Open Windows’ Starring Elijah Wood & Sasha Grey

  • By Nikola Grozdanovic
  • |
  • July 23, 2014 2:04 PM
  • |
Open Windows
When he burst onto the scene in 2007 with his Spanish debut feature “Timecrimes,” everyone saw a potential new big name from a nation with a knack for churning out directors who really know how (and really, really want) to thrill you. But Nacho Vigalondo’s follow up “Extraterrestrial” in 2011 was more of a whimper compared to the bang he started off with. This year, the hope is that his English language debut puts him back in gear. After a six year absence from the festival, Nacho Vigalondo is back at Fantasia to spook you into never looking at your computer screen the same way again, especially if there’s one too many windows open at the same time. To help him get an even bigger international boost, he’s got the support of an ex-porn star and an ex-hobbit. Unfortunately it feels like the rise keeps getting stunted because those who criticized "Timecrimes" for being a little muddled in its narrative, and "Extraterrestrial" all over the place in tone, will most likely feel carsick by the time “Open Windows” comes to a close.

'American Idol' Winner & Grammy Nominee Fantasia To Star In Mahalia Jackson Biopic

  • By Kevin Jagernauth
  • |
  • February 9, 2011 3:25 AM
  • |
Back when "American Idol" was still a novelty on these shores (and before the switcheroo of judging panel which now includes Steven Tyler for some reason), Fantasia (aka Fantasia Barrino on her driver's license) was easily one of the biggest sensations the show ever had. Her performances of "Summertime" and "Porgy & Bess" on the program drew raves, and at the age of nineteen, she became the youngest winner the show ever had at the time (17 year-old Jordin Sparks would later break that record). The success on the program vaulted her career leading to five Grammy nominations to date as well as starring role in the Broadway incarnation of "The Color Purple." And now, Fantasia looks to be making another big career leap.

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