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"DVD Is The New Vinyl" Podcast: Chuck Klosterman, Alex Ross Perry, J.T. Petty

  • By Aaron Hillis
  • |
  • February 26, 2014 1:00 PM
  • |
"DVD Is the New Vinyl" Podcast: Chuck Klosterman
Here's your Martha Stewart-esque craft tip for the month, physical media lovers: Did you know that a scratched DVD can be polished with just a dab of toothpaste? Stay away from extra-whitening product (you don't want to bleach your Criterions!), but when mixed with water and wiped clean with a microfiber cloth, a smudge of Colgate will make your discs sparkle and Sandra Bullock will stop freezing before she's torn apart by space wolves at the end of "Gravity." Sorry, was that a spoiler? We'll be more careful in the February podcast below...

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