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10 Classic Stoner Movies That Will Get You 'Dazed And Confused'

  • By The Playlist Staff
  • |
  • September 24, 2013 1:41 PM
  • |
Stoner Movies feature
This week marks the 20th anniversary of the release of Richard Linklater's seminal "Dazed and Confused," a movie that celebrated that sweet spot in between adolescence and adulthood, the super sounds of the '70s, and of course, marijuana. In "Dazed and Confused," classic rites-of-passage are dutifully dramatized, from ritualized hazing to awkward first encounters with girls, but pot is something else—it's symbolic of taking a stand, of not playing by The Man's rules. It's also something that makes any number of the characters giggle uncontrollably. There's something beautiful, transcendent almost, about the weed-smoking in "Dazed and Confused," especially as the movie concludes with a sunrise toke on the high school football field. It also got us to thinking about ten of the very best, like, stoner movies man!

27 Of The Most Underrated & Underappreciated Films Of 2010

  • By The Playlist
  • |
  • December 28, 2010 6:17 AM
  • |
Each year sees hundreds of movies released into theaters and inevitably, some will fall through the cracks. Our list of the underrated and underappreciated films this year not only highlights the solid, critically acclaimed pictures that for whatever reason never got a fighting chance, but also the imperfect pictures that still had a lot to admire, as well as the straight up guilty pleasures that, despite ourselves, put a smile on our face. At any rate, if you managed to catch up with all the Oscar pictures already and are wondering if there is anything else this year you missed that is worth catching up with, this is a handy guide to those films that deserved a bit more attention or recognition than they got.

Exclusive: Tim Blake Nelson Talks 'Leaves Of Grass,' Edward Norton & Working With Tony Kaye

  • By Gabe Toro
  • |
  • October 27, 2010 8:03 AM
  • |
Filmmaker Talks Distrib Who Bailed On 'Leaves' & The Mad Genius Of Kaye's 'Detachment'One of the best films of the year is Tim Blake Nelson’s “Leaves of Grass,” now available on DVD. You may not be familiar with the picture, however — yanked from the schedule plenty of times, it completed a small theatrical run in September, the kind of treatment given to disappointing low-fi indies or schlock genre fare.

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