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Review: 'The To Do List' Starring Aubrey Plaza, Bill Hader & Alia Shawkat

  • By Cory Everett
  • |
  • July 23, 2013 3:35 PM
  • |
  • 1 Comment
The To Do-List
For those of us who came of age in the '90s it has not been uncommon to notice a certain nostalgia creeping up on you these last few years. At first maybe you were happy to revisit some old songs or movies you hadn't heard/seen in a while but before you knew it, pop culture artifacts you didn't particularly even care for at the time seemed to bring back fond memories of a decade that now seems oh so far away (Gin Blossoms were actually a pretty good band, you guys). The new sex comedy "The To Do List," is set distinctively in the summer of 1993 and is one of the first films to transport us back to the pre-internet age of Coolio and "Clueless." If it seems too soon to start thinking about the '90s as a period piece, consider this: "Dazed and Confused" was set in 1976 and released in 1993 which means that we're now further from 1993 (when "The To Do List" is set) today than we were from the distance in Richard Linklater's stoner, coming-of-age classic. Yes, it's time to be nostalgic about the '90s.

Bill Hader Calls The 'To-Do List' A Raunchy 'Sixteen Candles' & Talks 'Men In Black 3'

  • By Gabe Toro
  • |
  • August 19, 2011 3:41 AM
  • |
Comedian Says 'House Of Joel' Might Be Dead; Says Josh Brolin Is "Scary Good" In 'MIB3'Among the sea of comedic actors currently working in Hollywood, one of our favorites is Bill Hader, if not for his uncanny talent and savvy mimicry skills, then for his desire to strike out as a multi-hyphenate comic talent. Logging big time minutes in “Superbad,” “Knocked Up,” "Paul" and even “A Night At The Museum: Battle Of The Smithsonian,” Hader’s developed a solid rep as a guy who can bring the funny in some of the biggest blockbusters around.

Bill Hader Says The Aubrey Plaza-Starring Comedy 'The Hand Job' Has Been Retitled 'The To-Do List'

  • By Oliver Lyttelton
  • |
  • June 13, 2011 2:04 AM
  • |
  • 1 Comment
It's all well and good giving your spec script a taboo-busting, attention-grabbing title: names like "Fuck Buddies" or "I Want To Fuck Your Sister" certainly stand out from the pack, and both of those examples landed on the Black List in past years. But when it comes to actually making the damn thing, you're gong to have to make some kind of compromise, or you're going to have a movie that doesn't have any advertising.

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