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Review: 'RoboCop' Starring Joel Kinnaman, Gary Oldman, Abbie Cornish, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Keaton & More

  • By Oliver Lyttelton
  • |
  • February 5, 2014 1:00 PM
  • |
Every movie should be approached with an open mind. Ideally, be it a film from Martin Scorsese or Friedberg and Seltzer, a reviewer should be going in without expectations, ready to play it as it lays. But it'd be dishonest to pretend that that was the case going in to "RoboCop," because it's a long-delayed remake of Paul Verhoeven's 1980s cult action sci-fi classic that, based at least on early buzz and previews, does without much of what made the original special — the satirical bite, the extreme violence, the hand-crafted effects et al. As such, even the most even-handed person could be forgiven for going in with a heavy heart, especially with the smell of the abysmal "Total Recall" redo still lingering like a fish head behind a radiator.

'Beetlejuice' Sequel Writer Says It Will Be "A True Continuation" & Star "Has To Be" Michael Keaton

  • By Kevin Jagernauth
  • |
  • October 28, 2011 3:20 AM
  • |
When it was first announced that a "Beetlejuice" sequel was in the works last month there was concern. Not only is Tim Burton's 1988 film an unassailable classic (of sorts) there is only one person to play the role and his name is Michael Keaton. But with vague word that the movie would be “advancing the storyline of the original” we worried about the direction this thing was going in and whether or not some ambitious young actor would try and take over the lead. But rest assured fans, as writers David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith are promising that if everything goes according to plan this will be a real deal sequel that will see Keaton himself reprise one of his most beloved characters.

Michael Keaton And Michelle Monaghan Set For Thriller 'Penthouse North'

  • By Drew Taylor
  • |
  • September 8, 2011 10:41 AM
  • |
The Hollywood Reporter is, er, reporting that serially underrated actors Michael Keaton and Michelle Monaghan will star in a thriller entitled "Penthouse North," to be directed by Joseph Ruben. It was announced at the Toronto International Film Festival and will start shooting in Canada's capital of Ottawa this November.

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