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'Terriers' & 'True Blood' Star Michael Raymond-James To Be Werner Herzog's Henchman In 'One Shot'

  • By Oliver Lyttelton
  • |
  • October 6, 2011 2:21 AM
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Plus Rosamund Pike Talks Her Approach To The CharacterFor a film that, when first announced, enraged fans of the franchise, and seemed like a firmly skippable programmer to the rest of us, "One Shot" is going quite some way towards winning people round. The creation of writer Lee Child, Jack Reacher is a mountain of a man, an ex-military policeman-turned-drifter who's starred in fifteen novels with a fervent fanbase, and the news that Tom Cruise would play the character in a film directed by "The Usual Suspects" writer Christopher McQuarrie upset many.

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