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Jay Baruchel To Write 'Random Acts Of Violence' & 'Exorcism Diaries'

  • By Kevin Jagernauth
  • |
  • May 6, 2011 3:43 AM
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It's not a big surprise that actor Jay Baruchel has grander aspirations than being "that awkward guy" in Hollywood movies. Give him half the chance, he'll gladly talk your ear off about his love of the horror genre and his plans to eventually move into the director's chair. In fact, last year, he talked up his racially charged slasher pic "Pig" that he hopes to mount, during the press rounds for "She's Out Of My League." And of course, there's been the long talked about "Seth And Jay Vs. The Apocalypse," which speaks to his comic influences. And it looks like the actor is serious about his intentions to work more off camera.

Eminem Getting Ready To Commit 'Random Acts Of Violence'

  • By Oliver Lyttelton
  • |
  • January 7, 2011 2:11 AM
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Considering the long, troubled history of musicians playing thinly veiled versions of themselves, it's still surprising, almost a decade on, how well Eminem's acting debut, in Curtis Hanson's "8 Mile," turned out. The film has its problems, but it was well above average for the genre, and the rapper known to his ma as Marshall Mathers proved to be a strong screen presence. Many predicted a long career, but he never really capitalized on the film's success, and other than a scene-stealing cameo in Judd Apatow's "Funny People," he was nearly derailed due to a prescription drug habit.

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