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Review: 'Sarah Palin: You Betcha!' Is A Surprisingly Toothless Bore

  • By Drew Taylor
  • |
  • September 29, 2011 6:02 AM
  • |
Nick Broomfield is a British documentarian with a reputation for being boldly unafraid to ruffle people’s feathers. In films like “Biggie & Tupac” and, most notoriously, “Kurt and Courtney,” he seemed unconcerned with the status quo (or possibly lawsuits), making inflammatory claims and taking part in gleeful provocation, a welcome change of pace from the overtly mannered realm of current documentary filmmaking. Which makes “Sarah Palin: You Betcha!,” his new film about America’s one-time potential Vice President and former Governor of Alaska, so odd – it’s boring, toothless, and genial. Anyone (like me) smacking their gums in anticipation of the pointed evisceration Palin would receive from the guy who not-so-subtly suggested Courtney Love engineered Kurt Cobain’s death is going to be sorely disappointed.

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