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Wes Craven Says More 'Scream 4' Shooting Are New Scenes, Not Reshoots; Terrible Poster Arrives

  • By Edward Davis
  • |
  • February 3, 2011 4:55 AM
  • |
The Weinstein Company -- and the Weinstein brothers, Harvey and Bob -- are a curious bunch. They made their name with excellent foreign film acquisitions for the U.S. in their early days of Miramax, brought indie to the mainstream with the Tarantinos and Kevin Smiths of the world in the early-mid '90s, and then showed everyone in Hollywood they were the masters of the prestige picture campaign and Oscar dominance in the late '90s as well ("The English Patient," "Shakespeare In Love," Goodwill Hunting," and "Chicago" in 2002). Of course, all the while they had their B-movie shingle Dimension Films which brought the world Robert Rodriguez and the lucrative "Spy Kids," "Scary Movie" and "Scream" franchises. While Dimension has always been part of the business and strategy and TWC has ailed financially in recent years with failed Oscar campaigns ("The Reader," "A Single Man," "The Road"), Dimension has become more and more significant in the overall TWC agenda.

Watch: 'Scream 4' Trailer Asks "What's Your Favorite Scary Movie?" All Over Again

  • By Kevin Jagernauth
  • |
  • January 21, 2011 4:09 AM
  • |
New decade, new rules, same boring story.
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'Scream 4' Trailer Arrives To Announce Your Horror McFranchise Is Back Just How You Like It

  • By The Playlist
  • |
  • January 16, 2011 8:40 AM
  • |
New decade, new rules, huh? Not exactly. Pop quiz: what would a "Scream" movie be without its movie in-jokes, exactly? Hmm, perhaps an original film? A Canadian trailer for the Weinstein Company's desperate franchise cash-in has arrived and get it while it's hot because the studio keeps taking down various trailers on YouTube only for them to spring up again five minutes later. They should probably realize the wildfire has spread and it's best to just release an official version already.

The Leftover Question Marks Of 2011 - Can These Films Possibly Be Any Good? Part 1

  • By The Playlist
  • |
  • January 14, 2011 6:22 AM
  • |
The Answer Is Probably Not, But Hey, What The Hell...Our exhausting coverage of the films coming out in 2011 continues and yes, we're tired, hungry and a bit cranky. We used to call this our Least Anticipated Films feature, but this year our New Year's resolution was to be a tiny bit more positive. Frankly, the sentiment applies, but this is also the leftover films of 2011 we just don't know what to do with. Many of them look abysmal, some of us glass-half-full Playlist types (yes, there are a few among us) think, "hey, that picture might not be so bad," while other members of the group stare in shock that such an idea could be possibly floated. So yes, basically these are the films that we don't hold out too much hope, the ones we think look downright cheap and dreadful, made only to turn a buck and the occasional few that look half-decent (and may just not have fit in the character count of our Escapist Features, sue us) --- though before you bombard our comments section, please actually read what we have to say about these films before assuming we're completely writing them off. Also, while it wasn't intentional, some of us do find it amusing that most of the cast of "Twilight" fill these halls. Another trend we just realized? Leighton Meester pretty much means box-office poison (poor cute, "Gossip Girl"). Also, Hollywood seems to be banking on the mostly unknown Alex Pettyfer, but he truly looks like a charisma-free zone of blandness. Onwards to 2011, though, not necessarily upwards in this case....

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