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'Best Worst Movie' Director Michael Paul Stephenson Talks 'The American Scream' & His Narrative Feature Debut ‘Destroy’

  • By Benjamin Wright
  • |
  • October 27, 2012 4:04 PM
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The most terrifying thing about the 1990 horror film “Troll 2” isn’t just that it was made, but that it was made with such an unapologetic lack of filmmaking talent that it’s become a punchline for jokes about bad movies ever since, rivaled only by recent additions to the “so bad it’s good” pantheon as Tommy Wiseau’s midnight staple “The Room” or even something like “Birdemic.” Thankfully, actor Michael Paul Stephenson didn’t try to hide from his work in the film for too long (he was 12 at the time), and would go on to direct “Best Worst Movie,” a documentary that won over many with its study of the cult surrounding “Troll 2,” the film’s egocentric director who believed he made a masterpiece, and the film’s lead George Hardy – an Alabama dentist bursting with personality, who long kept his sole acting credit in “Troll 2” as a dirty secret in his past. The film picked up strong nods all around, and now Stephenson is back with a doc of a whole other variety.

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