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Gareth Evans Says 'The Raid 3' A Few Years Away Plus 10-Minute Featurette For 'The Raid 2'

  • By Kevin Jagernauth
  • |
  • March 13, 2014 5:44 PM
  • |
The Raid 2
“Enjoy the violence,” Gareth Evans recently told a Los Angeles audience prior to a screening of "The Raid 2," and it seems his fans certainly are. While the relentless "The Raid" put Evans on the map, "The Raid 2" looks to obliterate it, with a supersized, two hour plus serving of madness and mayhem and maiming that won't be finished after this flick. Indeed, Evans has long talked about the movies being part of a trilogy, but he's going to take a breather before returning for one last punch-fest with "The Raid 3."

Director Gareth Evans Says 'The Raid 3' Starts 2 Hours Before 'The Raid 2' Ends

  • By Kevin Jagernauth
  • |
  • January 6, 2014 5:07 PM
  • |
Raid 2
Before you start commenting about how everything has a sequel these days, it should be noted that for director Gareth Evans, a trilogy for "The Raid" has been the plan for a while now. The filmmaker hasn't been shy in sharing his ambitious plans for his breakout franchise, and with "The Raid 2" gearing up to premiere at the Sundance Film Festival soon, he'll likely been spilling a few more details about what his third installment will contain. But for now, he's giving audiences a heads up for where it will fit in.

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