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Imogen Poots & 'Submarine' Star Craig Roberts To Star In Heist Romance 'Comes A Bright Day'

  • By Oliver Lyttelton
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  • May 11, 2011 10:22 AM
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Kevin McKidd & Timothy Spall Also In Cast, Paul Smith To Design CostumesWe're not sure if there's ever been a documented case of a romance springing out of a bank robbery. We're pretty sure we'd be too busy trying to not get shot to get our flirt on with an attractive stranger, but maybe that's just us. In the movies, however, nothing seems to get the blood rushing to the important areas than being held up, or holding up: from "The Thomas Crown Affair" to "A Fish Called Wanda" to last year's "The Town," screenwriters seem to believe that heists and the big L-O-V-E go hand in hand.

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