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What Are You Seeing This Weekend? 'Gatsby' & 'Peeples' To Attract Lots Of 'Sightseers' But Generate Little 'Aftershock'

  • By Emma Bernstein
  • |
  • May 10, 2013 2:23 PM
  • |
Some weekends are just perfect for dishing out oodles of death and destruction. This one, for instance, brings us a theater schedule that features all manner of gory violence and evil plotting, followed by some good old-fashioned, cold-blooded killin' sprees. We have revenge-hungry assassins, period piece murder, vacationing serial killers, natural disaster fatalities, and a deadly hang-gliding accident. Plus, the Williams Sisters totally kill it on the tennis court. And there's always the chance that David Alan Grier might off Craig Robinson for trying to wed his daughter in the latest "Tyler Perry Presents" movie. Frankly, the debut of B-grade bloodbath "No One Lives" could not be better timed, its title capturing the mood and material of this release slate with judicious pith. With that in mind, we'd like to know, dear readers: which homicidal stories pique your debauched interest? Or will you be hanging with F. Scott Fitzgerald instead? Tell us in the comments below!

Review: 'Venus And Serena' Offers an Intimate, Inspiring Look At The Williams Sisters

  • By Kimber Myers
  • |
  • May 9, 2013 6:05 PM
  • |
Venus And Serena
Though it focuses primarily on the Willams’ career and personal lives in 2011, the documentary “Venus and Serena” covers their entire lives, beginning even before the elder Venus was born. Their father Richard Williams wrote an extensive plan for his daughters' success in tennis before Venus entered the world, not taking into account her abilities (or her sister Serena’s, for that matter). The film bounces between the near-present and the past, relating their training in the early ‘90s, growth and fame in the late ‘90s and maturity in the ‘00s and beyond. Footage from old interviews is interspersed with current-day interactions with the athletes to create a holistic picture of careers that are still going strong, despite opposition throughout their time as pros. Being raised in Compton doesn’t seem to fit with many people’s ideas about the normally aristocratic sport, and that resistance didn’t end once the Williams earned their fame and fortune.

Exclusive: First Listen Of Wyclef Jean's Original Song For TIFF Doc 'Venus & Serena,' Artist Says He Wanted A Feeling Of “Triumph” In The Music

  • By Christopher Schobert
  • |
  • September 11, 2012 4:11 PM
  • |
Timing, as they say, is everything, and the timing of today’s premiere screening of “Venus and Serena” at the Toronto International Film Festival could not be better. After all, just two days ago, Serena Williams won her fourth U.S. Open, her fifteenth Grand Slam title. She, and her sister, Venus, have been perhaps the most dominant players in women’s tennis for the last decade or so, but the documentary from directors Maiken Baird and Michelle Major takes a look at two of the most trying years of the duo’s lives, 2010 and 2011, when each battled major health problems.

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