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Brooklyn Film Festival Review: 'Amy George' Nails The Innocent & Free Feeling Of Childhood

  • By Christopher Bell
  • |
  • June 6, 2011 4:19 AM
  • |
With all of the children-centric movies that populate the cinema landscape, why do so few of them actually feel like adolescence? For the most part (obviously depending on how and where you grew up), childhood represents the ultimate freedom. The heavy responsibilities of life have yet to strangle all the glorious fun out of the being; one has all the time in the world and it's spent trying to figure out what amusement will come next. Unfortunately, movies tend to bog down all of that with plot points, character arcs, etc, actively destroying the genuine feeling of being a wee lad or lady, naive and innocent. If any kind of person (in this case, character) should just "be," it should be the youth, possibly the most illogical of us all. In "Amy George," the very competent indie debut outing by Yonah Lewis and Calvin Thomas (C & Y), the filmmakers refrain from even the lightest story devices, fully embracing the essence of being young without relying on contrived incidents to fall back on.

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