Forest Whitaker

It seems like ancient history, but way back in the fall of 2012, following the massive box office success of "Taken 2," sequel screenwriter Robert Mark Kamen indicated that Fox very much wanted to move forward with a third installment of the franchise. This summer, Liam Neeson got paid a handsome $20 million to come back to the series, and now it's all coming together.

Deadline reports that the awesomely named "Taken 2" helmer Olivier Megaton will be back to direct "Taken 3," with Liam Neeson set to reprise his role as the man with special skills. Even more, Forest Whitaker is in talks to join the cast — which will also include Maggie Grace — though there's no word yet on his role. Villain? Ally? Guess we'll see, but hopefully Bryan Mills has learned that he probably shouldn't travel in Europe for a while. In case you were wondering, Luc Besson and Kamen both wrote the script this time out too.

The wheels are quickly turning on this with production gearing up to start in March. So, just after Liam Neeson is done punching people in a plane next month in "Non-Stop," he'll be back on set punching more people in another movie, to guarantee that you won't go too long without watching the actor hand someone's ass to them.