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Teaser Poster For Paul Schrader's 'The Canyons' Written By Bret Easton Ellis

by Kevin Jagernauth
April 5, 2012 5:19 PM
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The Canyons Poster Edit

Well, it's still looking for a cast and not yet in front of cameras, but it looks like the team behind Paul Schrader's upcoming indie sexual thriller "The Canyons" is looking to get the buzz going a bit early.

Film School Rejects have unveiled an early teaser poster for the upcoming film, which boasts a script from "American Psycho" scribe Bret Easton Ellis, and as the tagline promises, this is going to be a seamy look at the lives of some young folks trying to make it in L.A. And this won't be your standard cable TV gloss. Plot details are under wraps, but the film will follow a small group of Los Angeles twenty-somethings, trying to make it in the Hollywood biz. Casting is underway for the five lead roles: Christian, a trust fund kid, power player and major manipulator, who is a film producer that enjoys filming his own three-way sex sessions; Tara, his girlfriend and a former model; Ryan, a bartender and young actor who is angling for a role in Christian's horror movie; Gina, who works for Ryan and is in love with him and is also looking for a role in the horror pic and finally, Lindsay, a former actress turned yoga instructor who is sleeping with Christian, and falling in love with him.

"The Canyons" is a completely indie production with Ellis, Schrader and producer Braxton Pope all financing the movie themselves, and choosing to sidestep the traditional channels to make the movie without compromise. A Netflix/VOD style rollout is planned. The film is gearing up to shoot this summer, with a July start in the works. Full poster below.

The Canyons Poster
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  • Glass | April 7, 2012 8:29 PMReply

    I love Bret and I have a lot of faith that it's a fascinating story, but Paul Schrader directing makes me so worried. First; he's never directed anything good. Second; he just made a post on Facebook about "anyone know about these Canon D-something whatevers they're shootin digital video with these days? Gonna shoot The Canyons with one, need help." Fuck. 70-year old man making a movie with a 7D? This script must be truly brutal if they have to go THAT independent...

  • Mass777 | April 8, 2012 12:34 AM

    Oh, shut-up and go watch "Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters". That was a brilliant film. If you saw it and didn't like it, that's fine. But don't be delusional and state he's never directed anything good. I didn't dig 2001, yet I still appreciate, and acknowledge what it is, a fine film, one I couldn't get into, but I can still see its strengths.

    Patty Hearst, and Light Sleeper are also pretty good.

  • jon | April 5, 2012 8:10 PMReply

    Very cool poster.

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