Jonathan Mostow

While the "Terminator" franchise gets rebooted for an inevitable new trilogy, two leftovers from previous sequels are teaming up: director Jonathan Mostow from "Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines" and Sam Worthington from "Terminator Salvation."

Mostow has come aboard the developing "For The Dogs," replacing previous director Phillip Noyce. On one promising hand, this has a script from Oren Moverman ("The Messenger," "Rampart"), based on the Kevin Wignall novel, that follows a reclusive hitman who encounters a bright college girl and agrees to help her track down and kill those responsible for her family's murder. On the other hand, Mostow's last film was 2009's sci-fi "Surrogates," which you probably already forgot about. Worthington hasn't been in anything of note since, well, "Avatar."

And while the pair will undoubtedly trade 'Terminator' war stories, we'll see if their collaboration here can amount to anything. Hailee Steinfeld co-stars, with the movie slated to shoot this fall. [Variety]