J.J. Abrams, Star Wars Ep 7

The conversation for basically the next two years will be just how J.J. Abrams will approach "Star Wars: Episode 7" now that he's officially confirmed to direct. We've already discussed five things he may be bringing to the table, and suggested ten ways he can ensure the next sequel is great. But given the shroud of secrecy he puts on all of his projects, Abrams won't tell us anything until he's damn well good and ready. So until then, to the mashups!

In what is the first of what will likely be many following the announcement of Abrams landing the gig, the interwebs has brought forth a trailer for "Star Wars: Into Darkness." Essentially it's the mood and tone of the trailer for the "Star Trek" sequel with imagery, scenes and dialogue from the original trilogy of films. We might've made some different editorial decisions, but it's perhaps a sense of what a "darker," Abrams-esque "Star Wars" universe might look like (though we sorta hope he doesn't go down that road).

We'll find out in 2015, but until then, watch below. [Reddit]