Kellan Lutz

3. "Brent" on Kellan Lutz
As always, our Year End features always inspire our most impassioned and heated comments (translation: comments telling us we’re stupid, horrible people), but this one, from “Brent Stein” on our 25 Best Breakthrough Performances of 2013 really made us LOL (instead of contemplating restraining orders).

wtf is kellan lutz? my boy got the snub. now y'all gettin the snub. removin y'all from my favorites. peace

"wtf is kellan lutz? my boy got the snub. now y'all gettin the snub. removin y'all from my favorites. peace"

We’d argue that Kellen’s “breakthough” was probably in “Twilight” as the oafish Emmett, and Lutz only starred in something called “Java Heat,” this year, which sounds like a Starbucks blend. Is that what you were talking about Brent? Brent? Brent are you snubbing us? Brent can we make it back on your favorites? BREENNNNNTTT!!!!

2. "CLAIRE P.S. I EDOREU ELLEN" on "Finding Nemo 2"
This one, aside from being totally mystifying (why is an 11-year-old reading our blog? And who knew 11-year-olds were so passionate about Ellen?) just makes us glad that Google didn’t exist when we were kids. 

Hi my name is Claire lamb and the last time i ate a fish was two weeks ago i know i know hold your applause for later But really i can't wait to hear Ellen be dorky dory that fits right in I'm not saying u r dorky or any thing ellen it's just that your voice it perfect for dory and I love your show so much I swear someday I just might be on you show i dream of being on it anyway I can't wait for finding nemo 2 please comment on my comment and also I am only eleven to think of you actually reading this would just fell soo good so can't wait bye.

Claire’s parents: please confiscate your child’s iPad and replace it with a dictionary. We use the F-word on this site! Please think of your children!

1. "Herry69" on "Red 2"
This comment from “Herry69” on our “Red 2” review gave us a lot to ponder. And a lot for the writers in “hollowood.”

most of the writers in hollowood are absolute idiots ! zero originality, zero imagination, pure ignorance, pure stupidity ! the only thing these pathetic losers can come up with are remakes, sequels, prequels, inaccuracies, b.s. etc. they should do the world a favour and take their stupid cyanide medications so they can shut the f up !!!

That’s right, screenwriters, take your cyanide medications to shut the f up !!! And look for my screenplay, "inaccuracies, b.s." coming to next year's Black List!

These represent some heights of crazy that may be hard to attain, but we believe in you. Keep trying and maybe you’ll make the list next year!