Alex Cross tagline

This week marks the less-than-eagerly awaited release of "Alex Cross," which sees inexplicably popular drag artist Tyler Perry take up the mantle of the titular police psychologist played by Morgan Freeman in "Kiss The Girls" and "Along Came A Spider." There are many amusing/baffling things about the film, but perhaps first among them is the poster tagline: "Don't Ever Cross Alex Cross." Presumably thought up by a frazzled intern during a toilet break after alternatives like 'Don't Make Alex Cross Cross," "You're Across From A. Cross" and "Cross Alex Cross Alex Cross Cross Cross," it'll be impressive if anything dumber appears on a movie poster this year.

To pay tribute to the so-dumb-it's-brilliant splendor of the line, we've picked out ten of our favorite bizarre, ridiculous or just plain crappy tag-lines from the past, and you can check them out over the next few pages. Did we miss your favorite? Let us know in the comments section.

1. "The Day Of The Dolphin"

"Unwittingly, he trained a dolphin to kill the President of the United States."

Look, it was a silly premise anyway, but it's not really doing itself any favors with the word "unwittingly" (the film, directed by Mike Nichols, is kind of fun, though).

Day Of The Dolphin poster