Jennifer Jason Leigh, The Moment

"The Moment"
Synopsis: Following what she believes is her lover John's (Martin Henderson) abandonment of her, photojournalist Lee (Jennifer Jason Leigh) checks into a mental hospital, where she meets a fellow patient who bears an uncanny resemblance to John. Working with a psychiatrist to piece together her fragmented memories, Lee finds her sanity under increasing threat.
What You Need To Know: Really, we're just delighted to see Jennifer Jason Leigh back in a starring role again, especially at the head of such a promising supporting cast, including Henderson, Marianne Jean-Baptiste and Alia Shawkat. And Meat Loaf. Director Jane Weinstock's first film since 2006's "Easy," we're hopeful that this twisty psychological thriller delivers on the high-concept memory-muddling it promises and comes out more "Memento" than "Gothika." Check out the poster and some more detailed info here
When: SUN 4/21 6:00 PM Clearview Cinemas Chelsea 7

Adult World Emma Roberts

"Adult World"
Synopsis: Aspiring poet Amy (Emma Roberts) takes a job at the titular local sex shop, where, reluctantly at first, she becomes entwined in the lives of her co-workers, while trying to pursue reclusive writer Rat Billings (John Cusack) to mentor her.
What You Need To Know: Actor/director Scott Coffey, whose last directorial outing was 2005's Naomi Watts-starrer "Ellie Parker" has attracted a great cast here, with Roberts one of the more promising actresses of her generation and Cusack someone we have far more nostalgic goodwill toward than most of his recent outings warrant. So we're already cheering this one on from the sidelines, but add in a promisingly offbeat but lighthearted premise and an eclectic supporting cast including Evan Peters, Armando Riesco, Cloris Leachman and Shannon Woodward, and we officially have our fingers crossed for it. Plenty of pics and details here plus an exclusive clip.
When: THU 4/18 6:00 PM BMCC Tribeca PAC


Synopsis: Russian agent Gregory (Jean Dujardin) is sent to observe shady businessman Ivan (Tim Roth). But when he suspects that Alice (Cecile de France), the undercover agent also assigned to the case, may be betraying their side, he goes counter to procedure and contacts her directly, initiating both a passionate affair and a chain of dangerous, explosive events.
What You Need To Know: Sadly not a biopic of the influential French comics artist of the same name, "Mobius" still intrigues as a high-concept and starry spy thriller, and piqued our interest greatly with its Nolan-indebted, stylish and exciting trailer. Of course as Dujardin's first post-Oscar U.S. premiere (French film "The Players" didn't get a release stateside) interest will be high anyway. But with Roth, de France, John Lynch and Wendell Pierce all aboard, and the trusted genre hand of French director Eric Rochant at the helm, despite the language issue (it's in French with some English and Russian) it seems destined to be a high-profile transatlantic release, if it lives up to even a little of the promise of the trailer.
When: WED 4/24 8:00 PM BMCC Tribeca PAC

What Richard Did Jack Reynor

"What Richard Did"
Synopsis: Richard Karlson (Jack Reynor) lives a charmed life as the golden boy of the privileged Dublin set, until he participates in a violent incident which has dire consequences, not just for the victim, the victim's family and Richard's own circle, but for his entire sense of self, which crumbles in the aftermath.
What You Need To Know: Based on a novel which was itself based on a notorious real-life incident in Dublin, "What Richard Did" is the third full feature from rising Irish director Lenny Abrahamson ("Adam & Paul," "Garage"). The local interest angle of its subject matter meant it had a huge impact in Ireland, but the excellent performances from rising Irish star Jack Reynor (Kirsten Sheridan's "Dollhouse," the upcoming "Transformers 4"), and original "The Killing" star (and brother of Mads) Lars Mikkelsen, among others have given it international appeal. Abrahamson will next be directing Michael Fassbender, Domhnall Gleeson, Scoot McNairy and Maggie Gyllenhaal in "Frank," so consider this a taster, on many levels, of bigger things to come.
When: MON 4/22 6:45 PM Clearview Cinemas Chelsea 8

Michael Haneke

"Michael H. Profession: Director"
Synopsis: A documentary on the life, work and philosophies of one of the most fascinating and well-respected international auteurs at work today (or ever), Michael Haneke.
What You Need To Know: Yves Montmayeur, the man behind several making-of features on Haneke's films prior to this, has obviously built on that relationship in order to gain unprecedented access to the notoriously private Maestro. The film includes footage up to and including Haneke's Oscar winning "Amour," but unfolds in reverse chronological order, using clips and footage from films, interviews with collaborators like Juliette Binoche, Isabelle Huppert and Emmanuelle Riva, and most excitingly Haneke himself, to explore in great detail Haneke's creative process. Pretty much required viewing for anyone with even a passing admiration for Haneke's films, which is pretty much everyone we (care to) know. The (unsubtitled) trailer is here, and gives a good idea of the approach.
When: THU 4/18 9:00 PM AMC Loews Village 7-1

Paul Rudd, Paul Giamatti, Almost Christmas

"Almost Christmas"
Synopsis: Fresh out of prison, misanthropic ex-con Dennis (Paul Giamatti), clashes with easygoing charmer Rene (Paul Rudd) for stealing his wife, but as an apology, Dennis accepts an offer to be included on a get-rich-quick scheme selling Christmas trees. The two French-Canadian ne’er-do-wells travel to New York City, but a new plan emerges when Dennis befriends a local rich dentist’s wife (Sally Hawkins).
What You Need To Know: Director Phil Morrison hasn’t made a film since 2005’s "Junebug,” which launched Amy Adams’ career, and Morrison has been sorely missed. An odd-couple buddy comedy about two reluctant pals trying to make an honest go of it, at this point we’d watch Morrison direct the phone book, he’s a voice we need so badly. With its funny, mannered and empathetic look at humanity, if our DVD of "Junebug" was an LP it would be worn out by now. Welcome back.
When: THU 4/18 9:30 PM BMCC Tribeca PAC