The Counselor

10 Best Quotes (Some Of These Also Not In The Script)
To be fair several of the quotes we've mentioned already could go on this list, but here's 10 more regardless.

"God. You have the most luscious pussy in all of Christendom. Did you know that?"

1. “Greed is greatly overrated. But fear isn’t.”—Reiner to The Counselor after the shit has hit the fan.

2. “Still, my guess is that in most cases if you still had the woman you’re weeping over you’d be weeping harder,” —Reiner, as part of the “talking about women” conversation with the Counselor.

3. When asked by the Escort/Banker (Goran Visnjic) how Malkina feels about leaving the Cheetah behind after deciding she will move to China with her money. “You don’t own a cheetah. Silva died. She had a congenital heart condition. Which we knew. Raoul is alive and well in Arizona. He rules over a domain of a thousand hectares and he has a special rock where he can take the sum and watch for quarry. That’s all. Dogs bring people together. Cats don’t. Still, I miss him.”

4. “But here’s what is true. If whole nations are capable of love and hate and greed and envy—which they are—then it’s just more than possible that murder itself can become a collective enterprise. Murder as a national pastime.” —Westray to the Counselor taken from their original conversation.

5. “I think there’s probably only one thing reserved exclusively to the individual. Forgiveness. People as a group can love or hate or admire or malign. But there’s no such thing as collective forgiveness.”—more dark wisdom from Westray to The Counselor.

6. “It was like one of those catfish things. One of those bottom feeders you see going up the side of the aquarium. Sucking its way up the glass. It was just...Hallucinatory. You see a thing like that, it changes you.” —Reiner explains the thing that cannot be unseen.

7. “How about McDonald’s? We can start getting used to our new life style.”—Another line cut from the movie. Westray suggesting where they should meet after he learns that the drug shipment is missing and they are now both fucked.

8. "Convince [them] that this is just some sort of odd coincidence. Because they don’t really believe in coincidences. They’ve heard of them, they’ve just never seen one." — He doesn't quite get it, but Westray's about to make it clear that the Counselor is screwed.

9. “The point, Counselor, is that you may think there are things that these people would simply be incapable of. There are not.”—Westray gives off simple advice to The Counselor about the drug lords.

10. “There is no rule of exchange here, you see. Grief transcends every value. A man would give whole nations to lift it from his heart. And yet with it you can buy nothing.”—The Jefe (Rubén Blades) gives his long eloquent monologue to the Counselor about acceptance; there’s no moves left to play here.

11. Bonus quote.
COUNSELOR: “Did you read this fucking thing?” [meaning the newspaper article about the beheaded biker]
WESTRAY: I did read it.
COUNSELOR: Who writes this shit?
WESTRAY: They’re called journalists. You want to avoid them.

“The Counselor” is in theaters now. – Kevin Jagernauth, Rodrigo Perez, Edward Davis