The Best Movies Of 2013 (Oli)

There are those, especially this time of year, who see the many lists and recaps and coverage of the year in movies, and ask: "How can you dare to rank art? How do you qualify one movie over another?" The bottom line is you can't, and we get that, but that doesn't make it any less fun. Distilling twelve months' worth of movie-watching in a numbered list forces one to reckon with what truly stuck out emotionally, creatively, intellectually, aesthetically and more, and come down to some hard choices on what films you'll forever stamp as the best of the best. And that means sometimes an R-rated comedy will rank higher than the latest from an arthouse auteur. And at the end of the day, it's that whole process that makes it fun, providing a window into an individual's preferences and tastes when it comes to the cinematic experience. That's really the point of a Top 10.

With that out of the way, please take a note that we're doing things a bit differently with our Top 10s this year. The hodgepodge team that we are, scattered around the world, The Playlist members rarely try and make a collective large group Best Movies of The Year list because, well, voting would be difficult and laborious to say the least, likely splitting allies, creating new enemies and grinding our offices to a halt. Plus we've been more than snowed under with our assaultive Best of 2013 coverage that we've barely had time to think, let alone write our individual top 10 lists.

But, as various Playlist staffers sit down with some egg nog and sort out their Top 10s, we've decided to make this our one-stop shopping destination to check those out. As they arrive, we will add them to this feature, so if you care enough, bookmark this link or whatever one does to highlight a piece of content in 2013 (plus we'll be flagging them up when each new list arrives; you'll know). Oliver LytteltonGabe Toro, Katie Walsh and Jessica Kiang have theirs in with more to come. As always share your thoughts in comments section, and see you in 2014!