The Counselor

With just over a week to go before it hits theaters, Ridley Scott's "The Counselor" is still kind of a big, fat question mark. Even with the steady promotional push, which has included clips and previews of the soundtrack (click here if you missed it yesterday), what kind of movie we're in for is still a bit up in the air. An Oscar caliber, dark drama like "No Country For Old Men"? A sizzling piece of noir pulp? Something in between? We still don't know but perhaps these new images will help.

A Look Book has dropped for the movie, which you can flip through below, providing more interesting visuals from the picture. And they are all given a gritty treatment—kinda running counter to the slick photography of the finished product—at least suggesting a picture with some dirt under the fingernails. Surely the premise, with Michael Fassbender as the title character tumbling headlong into the drug game with disastrous results, is promising. And rather remarkably, despite screening for press overseas already, the embargo on reviews has held strong (for now).

So, this one is still with the jury (sorry). "The Counselor" opens on October 25th. Check out the images below, a 30-minute press conference from London with Scott and Javier Bardem, along with a new featurette.