Just because Universal bellyflopped hard with "Battleship," that isn't stopping Sony from continuing to develop their relationship with Hasbro, and with "Candy Land" and "Risk" still actual movies that are active development (we wish we were fucking kidding), the studio and toymaker are adding one more toy to the lineup of Things To Be Turned Into Movies.

The bright yellow Tonka Truck that littered the backyards of so many children will now be turned into an animated movie. Bleh. If somehow you don't know what it is, Tonka Trucks were just that, reasonable replicas of construction equipment that basically every little boy had at one time or another. If you're slightly older, you might recall the awesome all-steel versions of the earliest iterations that were durable (though prone to rust), though nowadays they've been replaced by plastic versions. Boo-urns.

The movie will be housed to Sony Pictures Animation and co-produced by Adam Sandler's Happy Madison shingle. Suprised? Don't be, as they are also behind "Candy Land" with Sandler set to co-write that one for some reason. So whatever, another childhood memory turned multi-tiered corporate money maker. Let's just fast-forward to the part where they start getting celebrity voices for the lead Tonka. Patrick Warburton anybody? [Deadline]