The DEPENDSables? Al Pacino, Christopher Walken, Alan Arkin to Star in Action-Comedy 'Stand Up Guys'

Sorry Sly Stallone, you're not the only guy in town with a hold on old people blowing things up. There's a new project on the way and a couple of these guys even have Oscars. OH SNAP.

Al Pacino (71), Christopher Walken (68) and Alan Arkin (77) are gonna give film insurers a heart attack, as they've all signed on to star in "Stand Up Guys" which, if the title didn't tip you off, is an action comedy. Oh boy. Penned by Noah Haidle, the story follows two friends and lifelong criminals, one of whom has been hired to kill his friend. They have one last night of fun hitting up a brothel, stealing cars and dodging police but most importantly, they also face the choices they made in their lives. So basically it's "The Hangover" meets "The Bucket List." Or something.

Arkin has worked with Walken and Pacino before on "America's Sweethearts" (wait, Arkin/Walken was in that? Adding to queue...) and "Glengarry Glen Ross" respectively. Pacino and Walken can both reminiscence about being in "Gigli." And we can only imagine this is the kind of film set that will wrap up the day at 3 PM so everyone can be in by bed 6. Okay, we're sorta being jerks, but as much as we loves these actors, this sounds like a pretty terrible movie all around. "Crazy Love" and "Just A Kiss" director Fisher Stevens is at the helm and shooting starts this spring. [THR]