Wong Kar-Wai

While he may give off the impression of an artist working in secret, shrouding this projects and process with an impenetrable veil, it would appear that Wong Kar-Wai has no problem opening up. Hell, the man braved the world of Comic-Con last month to help promote his forthcoming "The Grandmaster," and with movie now due for release in a few weeks, he's doing the press rounds in the United States, resulting in some pretty fascinating stuff from the director.

A fansite dedicated to the filmmaker has dug up a couple of pieces that will definitely be of interest to fans of Wong Kar-Wai. The first is a chat with (of all people) "Mad Men" creator Matthew Weiner during "An Academy Salute to Wong Kar Wai" last month, and the second is an extensive 30-minute interview with Dave Poland. Both are pretty fascinating, with the director opening up about "The Grandmaster" and much more (sidenote: he says he's just as happy with the shorter American cut of "The Grandmaster" as he is with the 20-minute longer international version).

Give both a click below. "The Grandmaster" opens on August 23rd.