Paramount DeNiro
Just Happy To Be There: Robert De Niro
We dont' know what it was up with him. Maybe he was just keen to get back to the set of whatever 50 Cent movie he was shooting that week.


Paramount Reitman Cheadle
Billy No Mates: Don Cheadle, Mark Wahlberg & Jason Reitman
Star egos are a fragile thing, and certain actors and directors demand special treatment. For some reason, for this photoshoot, it was Jason Reitman, Mark Wahlberg and Don Cheadle. Reitman had already insisted on being flown to the photoshoot by private jet, something which cost 15% of the total box office takings of "Young Adult," and his contractual insistence of being four foot higher than his father, yet two feet lower than Ali McGraw, caused some difficult rearrangements. A photographer's assistant would later get his revenge by glueing Reitman's right hand to the railing. Don Cheadle, meanwhile was originally meant to be with Robert Downey Jr. and Jon Favreau in the "Iron Man" grouping, but had a tantrum after Terrence Howard showed up, and insisted on being six feet away from absolutely everyone. As you can see, he's pretty happy about it. Meanwhile, people were pretty much just scared that Mark Wahlberg would punch them.

Paramount George Takei
Already Drunk: George Takei
The Star Trek star's tweets from the day in question
RT @GeorgeTakei Waiting for limo to take me to Paramount photoshoot. Should be a lot of fun! Unless Shatner's there.
RT @GeorgeTakei Uh-oh. The limo has a mini-bar. I shouldn't, should I? #ofcourseiwill
RT @GeorgeTakei Oops. Stuck in traffic, got my buzz on. Getting into Paramount lot now. Might take a couple with me for the road.
RT @GeorgeTakei We're all together! I happen to know there's at least one other friend of Dorothy here! And no, not the one you're thinking of!
RT @GeorgeTakei Here's a clue: #itrhymeswithSchillySchobSchorton #onlykidding #orami
RT @GeorgeTakei @JohnTheCho I'll fight you, whippersnapper!
RT @GeorgeTakei I did. Punched John Cho right in the face. Simon Pegg had to pull me off him.
RT @GeorgeTakei Having a nice conversation with my photo-neighbor, Phil Spector!
RT @GeorgeTakei Oops! "@AmyHeckerling I'm not Phil Spector."

Paramount Urban Greenwood
We Got A Ride In The Star Trek Bus! Karl Urban & Bruce Greenwood
All we're going to say, if you think 116 stars is an odd number for a hundreth anniverary, you'd be right. Certain people snuck into the line-up after hitching a ride in a minibus from the "Star Trek 2" set. Certain people hung around getting baked with Tommy Chong before it started. Certain people went up the staircase and told Richard Gere that they were Gerard Butler and Michael Douglas. Naming no names, of course.

Paramount Catfight
All About Eve: Megan Fox & Rosie Huntington Whiteley
There was meant to be a check for this sort of thing. But a harried production assistant clearly hadn't gotten the memo, and unfortunately the two leading ladies of the "Transformers" franchise were both invited. In fact, Rosie Huntington Whitely and Megan Fox arrived on the studio lot at the same time, instigating a savage catfight, only stopped when their respective boyfriends, Jason Statham and Optimus Prime, pulled the two apart. In the end, they were tidied up (the bone jutting out of Fox's forearm is cunningly hidden by her nametag), and the pair were placed at opposite ends of the set. Which was good news to Shia LaBoeuf, who'd come disguised as Peter Sarsgaard in order to avoid both of them.

Paramount Emile Hirsch Shirley Maclaine
What Could They Possibly Have Talked About? 3: Emile Hirsch & Shirley Maclaine
Emile Hirsch: Hi!
Shirley MacLaine: Hello.
EH: Really, really great to meet you, I'm, like, a huge fan.
SM: That's very kind.
EH: You get here ok? Avoid the traffic?
SM: Yes, we left quite early.
EH: Oh, yeah, yeah, smart, smart. Uh, everyone seems really nice, don't they?
SM: Oh yes. Yes.
Long pause.
EH: We've got the same haircut, don't we?
SM: Yep.


Paramount Morgan Freeman