Elena Anaya

Even without his longtime muse Penelope Cruz, Pedro Almodovar didn't miss a beat with actress Elena Anaya as his female lead in the Frankenstein-style tale "The Skin I Live In." The actress shined opposite a revived Antonio Banderas in an excellent role that should give her career a nice boost.

Her latest venture sees her remain in her native Spain for the Jaume Collet-Serra-backed thriller "Inertia," which currently has Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego ("Apollo 18") attached to helm and upcoming "Inside Llewyn Davis" lead Oscar Isaac to star. The story will follow an immigrant (Isaac) who witnesses a fatal hit-and-run and pursues the mysterious car in a non-stop chase, with Anaya playing the femme fatale ex-girlfriend who is somehow reunited with him on the run. 

Hopefully Alena's role has a little more depth than just being an action lead's love interest, and allows her enough room to shine. Also of note, the film is said to be predominantly Spanish-language, which should prove interesting. Production will begin in late August with shooting in Barcelona, Aragon and Andalusia on the agenda. [Variety]