Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner In 'Breaking Dawn -- Part 2'

At the beginning of the year, Twihards squealed when word emerged that Lionsgate -- who were fresh off buying Summit -- would be keen on continuing the "Twilight" franchise, with the blessing of author Stephenie Meyer of course. “If she (Meyer) wishes to do it, we’ll be there to support her," Lionsgate motion picture group co-chair Rob Friedman said at the time. And really, who wouldn't want to keep a $2.5 billion franchise going?

Well, with the finale (for now) coming next month, it's time for more rumors about what happens to the series after "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -- Part 2" is released. And according to the folks at Moviehole (as always, have salt handy), their sources say, “They’re already onto the ['Breaking Dawn'] follow-up.” Gasp!

So what will it be? The word "reboot" seems to be the operative term here with (allegedly) everything from a TV series or film spinoff set in the same world with different characters to something involving The Wolf Pack (not "The Hangover" dudes) being considered. Again, none of this is confirmed but you can probably expect the question to be asked about five zillion times when the cast, producers and director go out to do press rounds in the coming weeks.

So is more "Twilight" a good thing or should it end here? Let us know below.