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The "Hunger Games" will begin in just over a month, and Lionsgate will either have the next big teen franchise on their hands...or not. Fans have been very vocal, concerned and excited in equal measure for the adaptation of their beloved books by Suzanne Collins (yep, "Catching Fire" is already slated for a 2013 release) and this new trailer -- easily the best of the bunch so far -- won't stop the chatter from continuing.

Though brief, running just over a minute, this brand new look at the film gives a much better sense of the dystopian vibe of the story, and of course, the costumes. And as per usual with anything he's in, the awesomely coiffed Stanley Tucci looks like he's gonna steal every moment he's on screen as TV personality Caesar Flickerman. Elizabeth Banks is also still weirding the shit out of us, while Jennifer Lawrence looks solid as the lead. But the best thing this trailer does is open up the excitement to those who didn't read the books, promising a film of epic scope, some surprisingly solid futuristic worlds (impressive considering how fast this movie is turning around), and stoking the curiosity for those who may not have known what the fuss was about before (like this writer).

"Hunger Games" arrives on March 23rd. Trailer below along with some pics and character profiles from Empire. [Yahoo/Rolling Stone/ONTD]

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