Another trailer that dropped this week was for Clint Eastwood's "Trouble With The Curve," which actually isn't directed by him but by his producing partner and pal, Robert Lorenz making his feature film debut. In the movie Clint plays --- you guessed it -- a crochety, grizzled old baseball scout, whose fading eyesight is putting an end to his trade that is being replaced by computers and know-it-all hot shots. But a final road trip with this daughter Amy Adams, to follow-up on a new recruit forces him to look at his life, while Justin Timberlake shows up as a young man who hopes to use his charms to impress both Clint and his grown-up kid.

Doesn't look like it's for us, but in case you care, it opens on September 21st. [RecentMoviePosters]

Trouble With The Curve Poster