Black Sails

Not content to blowing things up on the big screen, Michael Bay has his eyes set on our television sets. First unveiled last year, “Black Sails” is set to finally premiere this Saturday on Starz but since you might have better things to do that night, you can catch the entire first episode for free at your leisure.

Following in the footsteps of HBO’s similar move to place the season premiere of “Girls” on YouTube, all sixty-seven minutes of the Bay executive-produced pilot episode “Black Sails” have been posted on the streaming site by the cable network. And before you write the pirate series off as merely as cash-grab attempt at mimicking the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise, know that “The Descent” director Neil Marshall is behind the helm of this first episode. As for what to expect from the the eight-episode first season? It's a sorta-prequel to "Treasure Island," following Captain Flint and his men on New Providence Island, two decades before the events of the novel.

“Black Sails” officially premieres on Starz on January 25th. Watch the pilot below, and let us know if you'll be tuning into the series. [The Wrap]