Every Film We Saw At TIFF, From Best To Worst

"The Place Beyond The Pines" [A]
"Silver Linings Playbook" [A]
"Tabu" [A]
"Berberian Sound Studio" [A-]
"The Perks Of Being A Wallflower" [A-]
"Much Ado About Nothing" [A-]
"Looper" [B+]
"The Gatekeepers" [B+]
"Anna Karenina" [B+]
"Lords Of Salem" [B+]
"Yellow" [B+]
"Free Angela And All Political Prisoners" [B]
"A Liar's Autobiography" [B]
"Underground" [B]
"Great Expectations" [B]
"Lore" [B-]
"White Elephant" [B-]
"Imogene" [B-]
"Greetings From Tim Buckley" [C+]
"Seven Psychopaths" [C]
"A Late Quartet" [C]
"When Day Breaks" [C]
"Song For Marion" [C]
"Emperor" [C]
"Wasteland" [C]
"End Of Watch" [C]
"The Company You Keep" [C-]
"Cloud Atlas" [C-]
"Thanks For Sharing" [C-]
"Byzantium" [C-]
"The Impossible" [D+]
"Arthur Newman" [D]
"Mr. Pip" [D]

Key TIFF Films We'd Already Seen & Reviewed

"Amour" [B+]
"Argo" [A-]
"At Any Price" [B]
"Frances Ha" [B+]
"Ginger & Rosa" [B+]
"A Hijacking" [A]
"Hyde Park On Hudson" [C]
"No" [A]
"Passion" [C+]
"Pieta" [C]
"Rust & Bone" [A-]
"The Sapphires" [C+]
"The Sessions" [B]
"Sightseers" [A]
"Smashed" [A]
"Spring Breakers" [B]
"Stories We Tell" [A-]
"To The Wonder" [A-]
"West Of Memphis" [B+]

Interviews Etc.

The Master - Press Conference

Spring Breakers - Press Conference

Cloud Atlas - Press Conference

Joe Wright Interview

Keira Knightley Interview

Rachel McAdams & Olga Kurylenko Interviews

Derek Cianfrance Interview

Derek Cianfrance On Future Projects

Neil Jordan Interview

Ben Wheatley On Future Projects